Hindra’s Heroine by Kelly-Marie Pollock, book review by littletinkablee

Guys you have no idea how excited I was when I was approached by Kelly herself! To read and review the third and the last instalment in The Nova Morgan Chronicles trilogy.

Having read Cherry Nova (book 1) & Death Bringer (Book 2) and falling into the world that Kelly created for Nova and us (her readers) to get lost into, having finally getting my hands on Hindra’s Heroine had me so overjoyed. I couldn’t wait to start reading, I didn’t even hesitate to the first chapter the moment I was able to.


Content warning; contains adult themes including sex, drug use, profanity, and violence.

Holed up on an odd-world island in the middle of the Irish sea, Nova and her allies are nursing their wounds after the battle at Mount Divinity left Nova mortal once again. They’ve all but given up on ever finding their way off the island when Ruth, the wayward witch, wakes up screaming, visions assaulting her already fragile mind. With the entity Ultio now puppeteering her limbs, Ruth’s magic lead them back to London, back to where Nova’s story first began. Odyssey.

Join Nova, Ruth, Chaplin, and Noah as they group together with a whole host of new and familiar characters to infiltrate Hindra and take back what’s theirs.

Together, they must face the darkness within and battle their way back to the light. But for one of their number, this battle may well be futile.

For she is the slaughter, the world her lamb.

My review

Kelly’s cliff-hanger in Death Bringer has had me eagerly awaiting the last book in ‘The Nova Morgan Chronicles’ and my was I not disappointed in this one!

After a brutal battle on Mount Divinity that left Nova human once more, Nova and her band of allies have found themselves in yet another predicament. Stranded on an Island in the middle of the Irish sea, all hope for escaping this new island seems hopeless…that is until our wayward witch is assaulted by new visions that attacks her already fragile mind.

Nova and her allies, both old and new, find themselves back to where it all started with Nova. Back to the beginning, back to the start of her new life and the end of her old one. Back to London. Odyssey.

As with any suspenseful and engrossing series that I come across, the only thing that was on my mind after putting down the first book was, what the heck is going to happen next!?

The world that Kelly created for her characters and her readers is truly incredible not to mention spell-binding, there wasn’t a moment I didn’t have to force myself to put the book down to make it last that little bit longer or so I could sleep!

Watching Nova go from a common street walker to a badass rebellion leader who grows into her new role in life has not only been a true pleasure to read but also inspiring. Not only do we get to watch Nova grow and evolve into her better/stronger self but we also get to watch her allies/friends grow along side her.

A good story isn’t a good story without strong character relationships and Kelly doesn’t fail or disappoint us with Nova’s relationships throughout the series. We are not only following the journey of old character but also get introduced to a few new ones that help keep things intriguing when reading.

Death Bringer left off on a pretty heavy cliff-hanger that has had me up the wall waiting for Hindra’s Hero to be completed and released and boy was I not disappointed with this book either.

The very last paragraph from Death Bringer is:

“Oh Noah.” Ruth Looked sadly from the vampire down at Nova, her face ashen as she whispered. “She’s mortal.”


Death Bringer – the last paragraph in the final chapter.

now if that doesn’t leave you hanging on the edge of your seat then I don’t know what will! But one thing I do know was that I certainly was hanging on the edge of my seat by the time I got to the end of Death Bringer.

Now, I don’t want to add any spoilers in here about Hindra’s Heroine nor do I wish to spoil anything to do with reading the last book to this suspense filled, captivating and addictive series. So I won’t say much about the book just yet. However, I will say this, in true Kelly form the ending to Hindra is just as chaotic and spine-tingling as the last ending to Death Bringer and Cherry Nova and you really don’t want to miss out on reading it!

As sad as I am to see the end of this series, it has been a true pleasure to escape the real world and journey along side Nova and her friends in her wild adventures.

Stay tuned into my blog for a more in-depth review of Nova and other characters that help Nova navigate her way into her new world as the worlds Slaughter.

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