It’s 1st April 2022!

Hello April
Hello April 2020

If you hadn’t noticed yet or perhaps you have a terrible memory like myself and may have forgotten but today officially marks the first day of April!

Our 1st April together

That’s right, four months have already shot by this year and I have to say that I am not liking how fast time is now traveling since becoming a mother. But I am loving this new look on life, as though everything is new and I’m experiencing everything for the first time all over again but through my son.

April is particularly known as a busy month for spreading awareness and celebrating national/international days so I took it upon myself to list a few below ready for you to add to your calendars!

So obviously this is a well-known one that isn’t ever really needed for the calendar as it’s an unspoken mark of the month in and of itself but I’ll pop it in here anyway – 1st April is also known as April’s fools day, which is an annual custom celebrated, loved and hated by many.

But did you know that the 1st April also marks the first day of stress awareness month in the UK? A whole month dedicated to increasing the awareness of the causes, effects, and help for stress.

If you love animals and love your pets then you may also want to mark in your calendars that this month is also National Pet Month! That’s right, this month from 1st April to 2nd May is all about pets, raising awareness of responsible pet ownership whilst celebrating our beloved pets through a wide range of campaigns and resources you can find on multiple social platforms.

April National Days:

  • April 2nd World Autism Awareness Day
  • April 2nd International Children’s Book
  • April 4th Community Garden Week
  • April 4th International Carrot Day
  • April 7th World Health Day
  • April 8th Pyjamas for Pancan Day
  • April 9th Unicorn Day
  • April 10th National Siblings Day
  • April 10th-April 15th Homeopathy Awareness Day
  • April 10th-16th Parkinson’s Awareness Week
  • April 15th Good Friday
  • April 16th World Voice Day
  • April 17th Easter Sunday
  • April 18th Easter Monday
  • April 18th World Heritage Day
  • April 20th-25th Allergy Awareness Week
  • April 21st National Tea Day
  • April 22nd-30th International Dark-Sky Week
  • April 22nd-28th World PI Week
  • April 22nd International Mother Earth Day
  • April 23rd English Language Day
  • April 23rd World Book Night
  • April 23rd National Asparagus Day
  • April 23rd St George’s Day
  • April 23rd National Shakespeare Day
  • April 24th Scream Day
  • April 25th World Penguin Day
  • April 25th National DNA Day
  • April 29th International Dance Day
  • April 30th International Jazz Day

Here are a few extras you might want to add also:

Spring Daffodil 2022
  • March 28th – 3rd April is World Autism Acceptance Week
    • April 1st – 29th April is IBS Awareness Month
      • April 1st – 29th April is also Cesarean Awareness Month
        • April 1st – 29th Parkinson’s Awareness Month
          • April 1st – 30th Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

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