I Survived the January Blues

Surviving the January Blues, January Blues, moon, moon photography, photography, littletinkablee, canon photography

Last year I was hit with a little luck and a whole lot of positive energy that seemed to have come from nowhere and due to that, I never had to suffer through the January Blues in 2019. I counted myself lucky and was hoping for the same thing this year…but I wasn’t hit with the same random stroke of luck that hit me last year.

This year, the January Blues has hit me hard and I have found it a little tougher to push past my depression and focus on the positive. Its like my brain has taken a few steps back and I’ve fallen into an unhealthy mind set of focusing on my failures, on all my problems and all the problems to come. It seems my brain can conjure up a limitless supply of worry and problems without much effort or prompting from myself.

This year isn’t off to the greatest of starts. I’ve stopped my yoga, I’ve stopped eating for days, I stopped leaving the house whenever possible, I’m either not sleeping or only sleeping and my brain is on a constant loop of thoughts that wont die out. My moods have been the worst, I’ve just been walking around with this heavy weight pressing on my heart and dread following my every step. I know a lot of this is put down to my lack of eating again, and I know that if I was eating better I would probably been able to better manage my moods/emotions but knowing something and being able to do it are two completely different things.

However I didn’t want my February to start off the same way my January did, the blues will not follow me. I saw my doctor this week and found out that I’ve lost more weight, which I already new but doesn’t stop the disappointment, self-hate, the tiny bit of relief and all the other conflicting emotions that follow. I’ve decided to try out protein shakes again, last time I tried them it didn’t go so well but believe with the right ones I’ll be able to push past my problems with them and they could really help.

I’ve also started my yoga practice again/ workouts and I’m already feeling the benefits from doing daily exercises. I’ve also started making a point of leaving the house more and I’m even starting a local pet services (dog walking/pet setting) to help motivate me and also ease me back into going out and interacting with people like a normal person. I’m ready to try normal, I’m done being cooped up in this solidarity bubble of depression and problems. It’s time to start pushing myself more and getting out there more.

I’m still going to keep working towards becoming a therapist and taking online courses, on top of working on my novel and blogging on here but I’m also going to be focusing a lot on starting up a online business and making enough good quality products to sell.

So this year isn’t just going to be focusing on my mental/physical health but I’m also going to be focusing a lot on pushing harder for the future I want.

I hope everyone has had a lovely start to the year and to the new decade and if you didn’t and you too suffered the January Blues, be proud that you survived and I hope more than anything that the rest of the months are lighter and happier.

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