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On the 1st of September, I logged in to my Twitter account, like any other day to do my usual bout of browsing and supporting and was very much pleasantly surprised when I found out I had won @Ness_SeaGlass 20k followers giveaway that I had thrown my hat into with no hopes or thoughts that I’d win (I think I’ve won one giveaway in my entire life) so when I saw that I had won, I was so over the moon.

Not just because I won any giveaway though. No, this one was a BIG giveaway that involved other incredible small businesses and I wanted to give them a place on my blog to show off some of their creations as well as provide you with a little more information. Who knows maybe you will see something you like or come across the perfect gift for friends/family.

So to start I wanted to show off this adorable key charm I won in the giveaway made by MisHelenEous|Gifts for Home & Hound whom you can find on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

So who is MisHelenEous?

Meet, Helen Rogers. The woman behind the scenes. Who, works and lives in Manchester as a self-employed Designer Maker. MisHelenEous was founded in June 2013 after a prolonged serious illness affected working a ‘normal’ job and made it difficult to maintain one.

The inspiration for MisHelenEous came from years of art education and various sources that she drew from around herself such as her surroundings, nature, and her beloved dogs.

Using recycled fabrics and craft materials many of MisHelenEous ideas are developed with the help of customers and friends before the final product is then listed either on their Etsy website or their nuMONDAY website.

All products are handmade with care and love and are assured that all products designed, created, and produced carry the MIB Marque.

MisHelenEous also undertakes bespoke, custom orders and small trade orders to pet product industries.

If you would like to check out her amazing website, click HERE to be directed straight to it. Otherwise, you can click one of the links below to check out her just-as-amazing social platforms/shop.

Twitter @misheleneous


Pinterest @misheleneous


Etsy Shop

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