Support Small Businesses

Hi and welcome to our new series called “Support Small Businesses”

I have always personally loved buying from local/small businesses and by doing so also helping support them in their business. There’s just something I have always loved about knowing that someone had put time, effort, and love into what others would see as junk and scrap material that they don’t know how to use or have use for and they form that into beautiful creations they then sell and share with us.
Recently starting up a small business myself, it's been made more clear to me now, more than ever just HOW important support for our businesses is. And I'm not just talking about buying from our small businesses but I mean just by simply spreading the word around, telling friends and family, engaging with us on our social platforms, a like, a share, a comment here and there. It seems like a small action I know, but it really makes a big impact on us and our businesses.
With that being said I have decided to dedicate a series to Small Businesses everywhere! If you are a small business and would like to get involved then please feel free to contact me on my email -
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